Khamis, 31 Mac 2011

The last thing i miss was, you.

i didn't mean to betray this side,
but i can't avoid myself to thinking bout the other side.
i miss you.
i always remembered you.
i always want to hear your voice.
i always want you to stay with me and chat with me.
but i know, it will never happen like our old times.
Your smile and your jokes(also your laugh) and all about you i miss.
Will we be together? will we be a part for each other again?
if we may, how about this side? i love this side.
i with this side now.
but this side was different from the other side.
Ooh heart, please don't make me like this.
this is unfair!
(-_-) hurmmm....
when we will meet again, my the other side?
i'm waiting.

I miss all about you.
When we will gather again?

That's all for this entry, the short one.
sekian, Wassalam.

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