Sabtu, 3 September 2011

Bullshit relationship come from you

Lately, i concern about something is doesn't right. Maybe i'm too kekampungan or kolot?
But what i know, it's must come from here. Heart.
We must talk through our own perspective. it's it right? everybody have their own thoughts.
So am i.

Yesterday, me with my bff Zaidatul, went to Big Cinema for watching movie(of course lah. takkan pergi nyanyi plak) when the escalator bring us up, my eyes caught a sour sweet couple annoying themselves on public. !#$^%*%@#!#@*! The girl was my ex -bff! OMG! she's getting fat now. Hey! are you very happy now,silly? opsss!!! hahaha. sure yeah right? And... suprise, suprise...who's holding her hand...? ouhhh...the holy crap bullshit a.k.a her dearly boyfriend. How romantic both of u. So romantic until everyone will vomit after know the truth. by the way honeybabe, i'm not suprise  if i will hear both of u will end up your relationship (married) so soon. maybe it's better for u two. And no need a lot of P**** S** anymore right? hahaha~ Whatever.

 But girl, if you remind me that you will never forgive me until u and me die, it's okay baby. i love it. but hold on a second! I also never!ever! accept u until the end. but, as Allah slave, i forgive u. i don't want make any sin from make a lot of enemy like u. waste time!!

Until now. adios!!!

It's it cool picture? hahaha.. me with Zaidatul on 2008.
Pssttt : kenapa ter'speaking' pulak ni? Apakah??? =P
Abaikan perkataan yg kureng2 diatas. haha

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